TA60D 24" TM Tagelus Sand Filter w/ 1.5" MPV

TA60D 24" TM Tagelus Sand Filter w/ 1.5" MPV

TA60D 24" TM Tagelus Sand Filter w/ 1.5" MPV

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Fiberglass Tank With Multiport Valve, Clamp Style Our process creates a one-piece, fiberglass reinforced tank with superior strength and durability. Tagelus Top Mount Filters are equipped with a six-position, top-mounted multiport valve. Special lateral design provides superior flow characteristics and long filter cycles for economical operation Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy 40, 50, and 60D models standard with plastic clamp Note: Operating Limits - maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

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