About Elite

We've been there too

Friday is around the corner. The weather is going to be perfect. You're planning to host a get−together.
You've purchased the food and drinks and pull out the grill. Your friends begin to arrive and file into your backyard space, expectant of a great time.
But then...

It happens.

Your cushions are sun-faded from last summer. Your furniture doesn't compliment your expectations. The grill requires rotations of cooking because it's not big enough to serve your guests.

Not the evening you planned.

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That's why we started Elite Outdoor and Patio

Elite Outdoor and Patio has curated product collections with you in mind. The brands that are accepted into the Elite Family have a long history of consistent all-weather high performance, solid craftsmanship, and distinctive style

You deserve to unwind after a long day or hosting your guests, without restrictions.

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Our Mission

Elite Outdoor & Patio offers quality outdoor furniture, grills, and pool accessories at competitive prices with a passion for completing your outdoor space.


Gather ideas for a redesign, or just find that perfect grill!

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The ELITE Guarantee

You can take pride in your outdoor space again. With our money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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Your Outdoors Are Sacred

There is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful outdoor experience in your own backyard. Elite Patio was founded by builders who believe that everyone should have access to the products and materials that make outdoor entertainment the best it can be.

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